what types of lorry driving jobs are there!
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Do you have a clean driving license and in need of a job? Why don’t you consider securing a driving job? All over the UK, businesses and transport companies are looking for drivers of all kinds. Thus, you will have to choose between the available jobs. They range from simple driving jobs leeds to HGV class 2 jobs. The following are some of the type of lorry driving jobs you can find in the UK:

· HGV Shift Work. This is mainly done Monday to Friday between 9 and 5 pm. If you are new to lorry driving jobs, this type of assignment is what you will start with.

· 4 On 4 off LGV Work. Of all the HGV/LGV jobs, this is perhaps the most popular. As a driver, you will do 4 days of work consciously, take 4 days off, and work for 4 consecutive nights.

· Long-Haul HGV. This kind of job involves a driver ferrying goods to a distant location. They only make a few drops in a day.

· Short-Haul HGV. In this type of job, the driver makes several drops only a short distance from each other.

Other HGV class 2 jobs include multi-drop LGV, single drop LGV, continental HGV work, and ADR work.

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